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little sun solar powered light 4Little Sun ( ) will be centred on the Jijiga Basin, where many in this area have no access to the electricity grid. Solar power is an ideal choice, being a free, safe and healthier alternative over many other local fuel options.

SWE purchased 5,000 high-quality solar lamps, at a cost of USD 87,000, for the Jijiga communities. These lamps were sourced from a German company of the same name, Little Sun. This company is a social enterprise with sole focus on
providing reliable, affordable light to the 1.6 billion people worldwide who have no access to electricity. In 2012, Little Sun received official certification from Lighting Africa, a joint IFC and World Bank program.

Each light is both beautiful and functional and provides up to 10 hours of light at a time. These lamps also feature the world’s most efficient solar cell, which is specially engineered to keep the electronics cool, even as it’s charged. Utilisation
and maintenance is easy and affordable – qualities we felt were key in ensuring these lights are actually used to enhance the lives of individuals and communities in these areas.

We took guidance from the local Kebri Beyah Woreda leaders, in deciding on the greatest need for these lamps. As a result, 30 health centres, schools and small villages will receive Little Sun lamps within the next few months.

We’re very excited about this initiative and the benefits this will have for the communities in this area. We’ve ordered branded lanyards with our logo which can be used for hanging or propping up the lamps to take best possible advantage of the light. It’s easy to underestimate the impact a simple concept, such as this, can have on the livelihood and well-being of a community.