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Gambella Computer training 800 500 c1The Gambella High Schools IT Project is another component of our ongoing community development commitment, as part of our production sharing partnership with the Ethiopian Government for the Gambella Region. To meet this particular commitment we invested our time and resources towards raising digital literacy and creating a lasting legacy for the area. This is a project of which we feel immensely proud.

Recognising the need for computer literate schools in today’s world, we have equipped six local high schools in the region with 130 computers, accessories and training. This has enabled students to learn keyboard and software package skills which will be invaluable for future learning and workplace opportunities.

In our approach to this project, we felt that computers (by themselves) were not the complete solution. We worked closely with the Gambella Education Bureau in conducting a detailed needs assessment which reinforced our belief that new computers alone would not achieve the project’s long term goals. We then developed an innovative delivery plan that would also invest in a capacity system for teachers and administrators and introduce a support system for maintenance.

Twenty teachers and administrators took part in an intensive five day training course on computer skills, using relevant software, care and maintenance of equipment and best teaching practices.

SWE redesigned the school’s computer space with windows, dust covers and fans to provide practical solutions for the humid and dusty conditions in the classrooms. In addition, the company purchased projectors for each lab to serve as teaching aids and support more effective teaching.

The outcomes for such an initiative will be ongoing. Access to information, the learning of life skills and transformation in delivery of projects, homework and research will have far reaching implications for the students and the community as a whole. SWE receives quarterly reports from each school to ensure it keeps abreast of developments and news in the classrooms.
We look forward to receiving ongoing updates and identifying further opportunities to contribute to and build on this initiative.